Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Paragraph: Blessing of Science

1.         Write Paragraph in about 100-120 on  'Blessing of Science' answering questions:

a.         What is science
b.         What are the various gifts of science
c.         Why are these called gifts of science?
d.         Why are we indebted to science?
e.         How can the gifts of science be the worst curse?
Blessing of Science

            Science is the study of natural physical things, based on observation and experiment. We are living in the age of science. We are surrounded with the gifts of science and now we are so accustomed with it that we cannot pass a single day without it. Electricity, light, fan, computer, fax, telephone, mobile phone, television, aeroplane, vehicles, x-ray, radio, medicines, medical equipments are some of the innumerable gifts of science. In every sectors of our life  science and technology have some contributions. It has made our life easy and comfortable. It has helped us use the forces of nature for the welfare of human beings. At the same time we can combat against natural disasters with the help of it. That is why we are indebted to it. But some people use these gifts against mankind. They are using science and technology to make arms and ammunitions to create chaos and conflicts in the society and hence it is termed as the worst curse. But we must stop it and use it to alleviate pains and sufferings and establish peace and happiness in the society.

Accustom- get used to, acclimatize to, adjust to
Welfare-  benefit, happiness
Disasters- adversity, calamity, catastrophe
Chaos- disorder, confusion, anarchy
Alleviate- reduce, lessen, lighten

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