Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Paragraph writing: Gender Discrimination

Write Paragraph in about 100-120 on  ' Gender discrimination' answering questions:
           What is gender discrimination?
           Who are the worst sufferers?
           What are the reasons of degrading women’s position?
           How is the birth of a female child received and why?
           How can be this problem be solved?
Gender discrimination
            Gender discrimination means to create difference between men and women. Specially in the third world countries women is considered inferior to men. In spite of their having merits and capabilities, they are not  given what they deserve. They are working in the family and out side  the family, but their contribution is not seen with due honour. There are various reasons why women are not given equal rights. Firstly most of the people of our country are not educated. They fail to see the potentialities of the women and the contribution they have made in different sectors of our life. They think, as women are physically weaker than men, they will not be able to perform many duties that  men can do and hence they must be dominated by men. Secondly people of our country are superstitious. They do not know their religion properly. In religion men and women have been given equal position. But in the name of religion they try to dominate over women and do not give opportunity to flourish. Female children are the worse sufferers. Even their birth is not received warm heartedly where at the birth of male children they distribute sweets to express their happiness. The female children are considered burden of the family. They are not given equal food, equal opportunity for education. They become objects of negligence and victims of social injustice. This is a great problem which is to be solved. If our people are educated and given proper knowledge of religion they will understand the value of woman and can learn about the contribution they are making. If our female children are groomed up properly they will be able to carry any responsibility bestowed upon them and our society will advance very quickly.
discrimination- bias, inequity,
contribution- gift, input, role
dominate - govern, control, rule
superstitious- irrational, illogical, credulous