Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Paragraph Writing: Junk Food

Think that your friend is fond of having junk food. He does not know its merits and demerits. Now write a paragraph in about 100 words on junk food answering the following questions. (R.B. '04)
           What is junk food?
           What does it contain?
           How does junk food harm teeth and skin?
           Why should we avoid having junk food?
           What is home-made food?
Junk Food
            The food that is tasty but lacking food value is called junk food. It is prepared with chemicals, artificial scent and flavour in the factory. Especially the children like it because of its taste and flavour and also because of its repeated advertisement through different channels by the company to allure them. Chips, some powders called Cvit or something else, some biscuits, artificial juice, jam, jelly, chanachur are some of the junk foods. These are often prepared in unhygienic environment and they lose vitamin and other food values while preparing, because they are often fried excessively and added chemicals to increase taste. As these kinds of food do not have vitamins and other minerals, the people in the habit of eating such kind of food suffer from vitamin deficiency. As a result they are attacked by teeth and skin diseases. The chemicals used for flavour and preservatives also harm our teeth and skin. So we should avoid junk food and take home made food. We should take balance food having proportioned carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water. We should prepare food in a way so that it does not lose vitamins because some vitamins are resolved in water and might be washed away and others are destroyed in heat. So we must be cautious about preparing and taking food.

Junk- useless items, rubbish, trash
allure- attraction, draw, appeal, charm
unhygienic- unclean, unhealthy, not disinfected


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