Wednesday, 1 February 2012

paragraph writing: Traffic Jam

Imagine that sometimes you have fallen victim to a traffic jam. Read the following questions write on answering them.
           What is traffic jam?
           What is the nature of traffic jam?
           Why does traffic jam occur?
           What is your feeling at the time of traffic jam?
           How traffic jam may be removed?

Traffic Jam
            When the road is blocked with so many vehicles and we cannot move forward, we call it traffic jam. Generally in capital city and other divisional cities traffic jam is a common phenomenon. There are various causes of traffic jam. The number of vehicles is greater than roads. The roads are also narrow and traffic control system is so poor. The people of our country are not conscious of civil rules and regulations. They often park their vehicles on improper places. Many persons set shops both sides of the road. So vehicles cannot move freely and cause traffic jam. When we fall in a traffic jam, we feel bored. We lose many working hours of our life. As a result we are lagging behind. To stop traffic jam, we must make more wide roads and flyovers. Traffic rules should be followed properly. Above all our people should be made more conscious.

traffic- travel, journey, transfer, interchange
jam- pack, squeeze, stuff