Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Learning English in the age of Internet

Learning English in the age of internet has become easier. You can get learning materials at your hand with a click. Searching meanings and usages of words form websites is very interesting. You can also test your level of proficiency by appearing on line examinations. The website, www.odesk.com provides you with free on line test on various subjects including English. Here I suggest some simple tips for learning English with the help of internet.

Having interest: Learning a language is a life long process. So you must have interest to learn a language. English is a language used all over the world. It is a language of business, science and technology. English literature is the richest in the world. So consider all the factors for self-motivation in learning this language. Visit different websites that offer learning materials according to the level of the learners. So decide your level and find appropriate materials.

Developing a reading and writing habit: Read books, newspapers, magazines of your interest. You can search reading materials from websites and blogs. You can also post articles in the blogs you have created. Bdtips.com is a site where you can get wonderful articles regarding earning money, career success, health, technology, sense of humour etc. You can also get incentive for posting important articles there. 

Learning grammar: Knowing English means the ability to speak and write acceptable English. For official and business purpose you have to speak and write grammatically correct English. So you have to learn the grammar of English. Internet is a great source for learning grammar. Even you can use google search for knowing the definition or pronunciation of a word. Just write - define/pronounce  " the word you want to know" in search box and press enter key, and see the magic. From google search you can find the lesson you want. You can write- grammar+ the lesson (suppose clause) in the search box, press inter key and you will get many websites on that particular lesson.

Listening English: For learning accent and pronunciation you should listen English of native speakers. The popular website bbclearningenglish.com can be a great help for learning English in this respect. You can download audio clip ‘six minutes English’ on various interesting topics. You can also download the text of audio clip which is in pdf format. Then you will be able to read and listen simultaneously. Thus you can improve your listening skill.

Speaking whenever you get opportunity: Speaking English can be improved only by speaking. So whenever you get chance, speak English. Gradually you will shake off your shyness. Speak English with your classmates or coworkers or with the members of your family. Then speak with the persons you have been newly acquainted with. Practise how to deliver speech in front of the audience. You can also chat with your distant friends with the help of internet and thus improve your speaking power.

Internet has become a great source of information. It has also explored another world of business. You can be immensely benefited by learning English. So learn English and use internet as a teaching aid.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Fortnightly Examination 1st term 2012

Fortnightly Examination

Fortnightly Examination

Class IX

English 1st paper

Time- 40 minutes                                                                                          Marks-25




1. Write a paragraph on Pahela Baishakh.                                                                                 10

2. Write a dialogue between Masum and Becky about Bangladeshi food.                                   05

3. Write a letter to your friend about the personality development activities of Scout.      10




Fortnightly Examination

Class X

English 2nd paper

Time- 40 minutes                                                                                                          Marks-25


1. Change the form of speech.                                                                                       05


Rahim came to me and said, “Where did you go?” ‘To library” I answered. “Some new books donated by Asia Foundation have arrived. I was charmed to see those books.” “What types of books are they? I asked. “They are mostly about how to be successful in life. I want to read all the books.”


2. Change the following sentences according to the direction:                                         05


a. Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College is one of the best educational institutions in Bangladesh. (comparative)

b. I know his name. ( complex)

c. Who knew he would flop on the stage. (assertive)

d. I saw him carrying a box. (passive)

e. How charming the flower is! (assertive)


3. Fill in the gap with right form of verbs:                                                                                   05

a. I went to the house of my friend Sabur and found him ________ (paint).

b. I look around and saw some _______ (paint) picture ___________ (hang) on the wall.

c. I asked him how long he ________ (work).

d.  He said that he ________ (work) since morning.


4. Write a paragraph on the annual sports of your college.                                                         10