Sunday, 26 February 2012

Commonly misspelt words

acceptable accidentally accommodate acquire acquit a lot amateur apparent argument atheist believe calendar category cemetery changeable collectible committed conscience conscientious conscious definite(ly) disappear discipline drunkenness embarrass equipment exhilarate exceed existence experience fiery foreign fourth gauge generally grammar grateful guarantee harass height hierarchy ignorance immediate independent indispensable intelligence its / it's judgement knowledge leisure library lightning maintenance manoeuvre memento millennium miniature mischievous noticeable occasion occasionally occur / occurred occurrence official parallel parliament pastime pigeon possession preferable principal / principle privilege questionnaire receive recommendreferred reference relevant religious restaurant ridiculous rhythm sandal schedule scissors sensible separate special success to / too / two tomorrow their / they're / there twelfth tyranny until vacuum vicious weather weird you're / your

Friday, 24 February 2012

Commonly Misspelt Words

New Page 3

1.      Accommodation

2.      Aeronautical

3.      Amateur

4.      Antique

5.      Archive

6.      Audit

7.      Bouquet

8.      Buffet

9.      Bureaucracy

10.  Camouflage

11.  Dilemma

12.  Embarrass

13.  Exhilaration

14.  Fascinate

15.  Hygiene

16.  Inaugurate

17.  Laureate

18.  Millennium

19.  Miscellaneous

20.  Pneumonia

21.  Privilege

22.  Reception

23.  Repetition

24.  Restaurant

25.  Secretariat

26.  Soccer

27.  Sovereignty

28.  Succeed

29.  Tsunami

30.  Tyranny


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Paragraph Writing: Environmental Pollution

Write a paragraph of about 120 words on the
'Environmental Pollution' answering the following questions.

           What do you mean by environment?
           What are the important elements of natural environment?
           How is the environment being polluted every day?
           What is man doing to plants and animals?
           What  is causing extinction of various plants and animals?
           How can we protect our environment?

Environmental Pollution
            Environment means our surroundings. It consists of air, water, soil and other natural resources, that make our earth habitable for us. All the elements of environment are well proportioned and depend upon each other. This characteristic of environment is called ecosystem. If any element of it is destroyed, it affects all other elements. So for our existence we must not destroy the ecological balance. But consciously or unconsciously we are damaging vital elements of our environment such as air, water and soil. Without air we cannot survive for few minutes. But this air is being polluted in various ways. Firstly we burns fuels, that creates smoke and the smoke is being mixed with air. Secondly we are cutting plants and killing animals indiscriminately. The plants are called factory of oxygen, receiving carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. For the destruction of trees, carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide and other harmful gases are increasing, which is ruining the ozone layer. As a result ultraviolet ray is getting access to our environment which will cause catastrophe for all living beings. Water pollution is another problem that we are facing now. Sea and river water is being polluted by industrial waste thrown in it. Oil seeped out from the  tanks of the ships mixes with water and pollutes it. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers used by farmers are washed away by rain water and mixed with river and pond water. So existence of aquatic animals and plants is becoming hazardous. Soil is polluted by overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The polybags mix up with soil and destroy its fertility. As a result plants and crops are not growing well. So it is high time we took proper measures to stop environmental pollution and save our mother planet.

Aquatic- water, marine, sea
Environment - the earth, its natural features and resources, seen as the place where man exists, surroundings, background Pollution- contamination, toxic waste, fumes
Habitable - livable, inhabitable, fit for human habitation

Paragraph Writing: School Magazine

Imagine that your school is going to publish a School Magazine, which is important for both students and teachers. Now write a paragraph in about 100 words about a school magazine answering the following questions. (R.B. '04)

           What is a School Magazine?
           What does it contain?
           How are the topics for the magazine selected?
           Why is a School Magazine important?

School Magazine
            A school magazine is a periodical published by the students and the teachers of a school. The aim of this publication is to encourage young learners to flourish their dormant talents and creative faculties. It contains stories, poems, articles, jokes written by students and teachers. Different school activities, which earn name and fame of the school, are also published with colourful pictures. For publishing a magazine a committee is formed. Under the guidance of a teacher, some selected students work as editor and designer. They collect different articles from the students and select on basis of artistic excellence to be published in the magazine. It needs a lot of efforts of the students and teachers to publish a magazine and while doing it the students learn how to work in a team. The young writers get immense pleasure and confidence when they can see their writings in print. It encourages them to be a writer in future. They also preserve the magazine with great care as it portrays their own lives and they can carry the memory of their beloved school with it. So a school magazine bears great importance in every educational institution.
publication- journal, periodical, pamphlet
flourish- grow, increase, thrive
encourage- give confidence, support, hearten

Paragraph writing: Arsenic Problem

Write a paragraph of about 150 words on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible:
           What is arsenic?
           How do people suffer from this problem?
           What is effect of arsenic pollution?
           What is the medical treatment of the people who suffer from the arsinicosis?
           What is the remedy of this problem?     

Arsenic problem
Arsenic is the poisonous substance found in water. If people drink arsenic contaminated water, they  suffer from arsenicosis. Poisoning by arsenic is a slow process. When the poison of arsenic gradually builds up in our body the symptoms of disease can be seen on the body, and the affected persons begins to feel unwell. Long term poisoning may cause death to the affected persons. Village people are not cautious about the arsenic poisoning and in many areas of our country arsenic pollution is taking place. So this problem may bring catastrophe for our country. Primary treatment of this disease is balanced diet. It is believed that vitamin A, C, E are effective for arsenicosis treatment. The remedy of this problem is to drink water free from arsenic. Our tube-wells are to be tested and those which are not free from arsenic should be identified. The water of pond and river can be drunk after purification. Rain water is safe and free from arsenic. If uncontaminated water is not found, it should be filtered through pitchers containing sand. In this way we can solve this problem.

contaminated-  impure, infected, polluted
symptom- indication, sign, indicator
cautious- careful, watchful, alert
catastrophe- disaster, calamity, misfortune
remedy- medicine, medication, cure
purification- sanitization, decontamination, refinement

paragraph writing: Traffic Jam

Imagine that sometimes you have fallen victim to a traffic jam. Read the following questions write on answering them.
           What is traffic jam?
           What is the nature of traffic jam?
           Why does traffic jam occur?
           What is your feeling at the time of traffic jam?
           How traffic jam may be removed?

Traffic Jam
            When the road is blocked with so many vehicles and we cannot move forward, we call it traffic jam. Generally in capital city and other divisional cities traffic jam is a common phenomenon. There are various causes of traffic jam. The number of vehicles is greater than roads. The roads are also narrow and traffic control system is so poor. The people of our country are not conscious of civil rules and regulations. They often park their vehicles on improper places. Many persons set shops both sides of the road. So vehicles cannot move freely and cause traffic jam. When we fall in a traffic jam, we feel bored. We lose many working hours of our life. As a result we are lagging behind. To stop traffic jam, we must make more wide roads and flyovers. Traffic rules should be followed properly. Above all our people should be made more conscious.

traffic- travel, journey, transfer, interchange
jam- pack, squeeze, stuff

Paragraph writing: Gender Discrimination

Write Paragraph in about 100-120 on  ' Gender discrimination' answering questions:
           What is gender discrimination?
           Who are the worst sufferers?
           What are the reasons of degrading women’s position?
           How is the birth of a female child received and why?
           How can be this problem be solved?
Gender discrimination
            Gender discrimination means to create difference between men and women. Specially in the third world countries women is considered inferior to men. In spite of their having merits and capabilities, they are not  given what they deserve. They are working in the family and out side  the family, but their contribution is not seen with due honour. There are various reasons why women are not given equal rights. Firstly most of the people of our country are not educated. They fail to see the potentialities of the women and the contribution they have made in different sectors of our life. They think, as women are physically weaker than men, they will not be able to perform many duties that  men can do and hence they must be dominated by men. Secondly people of our country are superstitious. They do not know their religion properly. In religion men and women have been given equal position. But in the name of religion they try to dominate over women and do not give opportunity to flourish. Female children are the worse sufferers. Even their birth is not received warm heartedly where at the birth of male children they distribute sweets to express their happiness. The female children are considered burden of the family. They are not given equal food, equal opportunity for education. They become objects of negligence and victims of social injustice. This is a great problem which is to be solved. If our people are educated and given proper knowledge of religion they will understand the value of woman and can learn about the contribution they are making. If our female children are groomed up properly they will be able to carry any responsibility bestowed upon them and our society will advance very quickly.
discrimination- bias, inequity,
contribution- gift, input, role
dominate - govern, control, rule
superstitious- irrational, illogical, credulous

Paragraph: Blessing of Science

1.         Write Paragraph in about 100-120 on  'Blessing of Science' answering questions:

a.         What is science
b.         What are the various gifts of science
c.         Why are these called gifts of science?
d.         Why are we indebted to science?
e.         How can the gifts of science be the worst curse?
Blessing of Science

            Science is the study of natural physical things, based on observation and experiment. We are living in the age of science. We are surrounded with the gifts of science and now we are so accustomed with it that we cannot pass a single day without it. Electricity, light, fan, computer, fax, telephone, mobile phone, television, aeroplane, vehicles, x-ray, radio, medicines, medical equipments are some of the innumerable gifts of science. In every sectors of our life  science and technology have some contributions. It has made our life easy and comfortable. It has helped us use the forces of nature for the welfare of human beings. At the same time we can combat against natural disasters with the help of it. That is why we are indebted to it. But some people use these gifts against mankind. They are using science and technology to make arms and ammunitions to create chaos and conflicts in the society and hence it is termed as the worst curse. But we must stop it and use it to alleviate pains and sufferings and establish peace and happiness in the society.

Accustom- get used to, acclimatize to, adjust to
Welfare-  benefit, happiness
Disasters- adversity, calamity, catastrophe
Chaos- disorder, confusion, anarchy
Alleviate- reduce, lessen, lighten

Paragraph Writing: Junk Food

Think that your friend is fond of having junk food. He does not know its merits and demerits. Now write a paragraph in about 100 words on junk food answering the following questions. (R.B. '04)
           What is junk food?
           What does it contain?
           How does junk food harm teeth and skin?
           Why should we avoid having junk food?
           What is home-made food?
Junk Food
            The food that is tasty but lacking food value is called junk food. It is prepared with chemicals, artificial scent and flavour in the factory. Especially the children like it because of its taste and flavour and also because of its repeated advertisement through different channels by the company to allure them. Chips, some powders called Cvit or something else, some biscuits, artificial juice, jam, jelly, chanachur are some of the junk foods. These are often prepared in unhygienic environment and they lose vitamin and other food values while preparing, because they are often fried excessively and added chemicals to increase taste. As these kinds of food do not have vitamins and other minerals, the people in the habit of eating such kind of food suffer from vitamin deficiency. As a result they are attacked by teeth and skin diseases. The chemicals used for flavour and preservatives also harm our teeth and skin. So we should avoid junk food and take home made food. We should take balance food having proportioned carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water. We should prepare food in a way so that it does not lose vitamins because some vitamins are resolved in water and might be washed away and others are destroyed in heat. So we must be cautious about preparing and taking food.

Junk- useless items, rubbish, trash
allure- attraction, draw, appeal, charm
unhygienic- unclean, unhealthy, not disinfected