Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Grammar: For class VII

Tick on the right answer.

1.      I saw                       one-eyed man on the road.
      a.  A   b.  The  c. An  d.  No article

2.      They started running in the field. The underlined word is                   .
      a.  Infinitive   b.  Gerund   c.  Participle   d.  Transitive verb

3.      He is running fast. The underlined word is   
Adjective  b.  Adverb  c.  Noun  d.  Conjunction 

4.      Who broke the chair ? The underlined word is :
a. Relative adjective  b.  Relative pronoun  c. Conjunction 
d. Preposition.

5.      I knew him. The passive voice of the sentences is ?
a.  He is known by me      b.  He is known to me
c. He was known by me  d.  He was known to me.

6.      I am searching the book. The underlined word can be replaced by the p hrase.
a.  looking at   b.  looking into  c.  looking after   d.  looking for

7.      Post the letter .... ?  The correct tag question is
a.will you?  b.  won't you?  c.  do you?  d.  don't you

8.      You did very                       in the examination ?
a.  good   b.  well    c.  hard   d.  hardly

9.      The story seems to be fictitious. I can           believe it.
a.  good   b.  well    c.  hard   d.  hardly

10.  When Eva passed the examination ?
a.  She is very happy   b.  She has been very happy
c. She becomes happy.  d.  She became happy

11.   I                 driving test on Wednesday.
have passed  b.  passed  c.  was passing  d.  have been passing

12.  If you boil water ............
a.  it will vaporise    b.  it vaporise        c.  it vaporises    d.  it has vaporized

13.  She                         to attend a wedding.
a. goes  b.  is going  c. will go   d. are going

14.  Tell me why                       
a.  did you go there ?        b.  you went there. c.
have you gone there?  d.  do you go there?

15.  Which one of the following sentence is correct?
a.  I have received your letter yesterday. 
b.  I received your letter yesterday
c.  I had received your letter yesterday.
d.  I was received your letter yesterday.

16.  Which one of the following expressions is correct?
a.  Yours faithful                 b.Yours faithfuly
           Rahim                                  Rahim
c.  Yours faithfully   d.  Yours’ faithfully
          Rahim                             Rahim

17.  Sattar is twelve years old. Ratul is ten years old.
a.Sattar is senior to Ratul than of two years.
b.  Sattar is senior to Ratul than two years.
c.  Sattar is senior to Ratul by two years.       
d.  Sattar is senior than Ratul two years.

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