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Grammar: Multiple Choice Questions

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Grammar: Multiple Choice Questions


     Give tick marks on the correct answers:


1.      Which one of the following sentence is correct?
a. I don’t know how many brothers and sisters do you have ?
b. I don’t know how many brothers and sisters you have.
c. I don’t know how many brothers and sister have you?
d. I don’t know how much brothers and sisters does you have?


2.      He is one of the boys                          
a.  who has written the letter.             
b.  who have written the letters
c.  who is the written the letter          
d.  who is being written the letters.


3.      ________you remember to lock the door?
a. Didn’t  b. Aren’t  c.  Haven’t  d.  Doesn’t


4.      Let                      introduce        to                    .
a. my, your, his  b.  me, you, him  c. myself, yourself, himself  d.  mine, yours, he


5.      Have you found              missing pen yet?
a.  your   b.  you  c. yours   d.  your’s 

6.      “Come on, walk faster,” urged my friend, “you are                 a tortoise.”
a. so slow  b.  as slow as  c. more slow  d.  most slow


7.      The film was more enjoyable               we had expected  b.  than  c. since  d. after


8.      ______they told me is utter nonsense.
a.When  b.  How  c.  What  d.  Where


9.      I will not be able to find her                 you come with me.
a. unless  b.  so that  c.  still  d.  put


10.  His dream is                   an aero plane.
a. fly  b.  to fly  c.  flew  d.  to be flown


11.  Those who are cruel                  animals should be fined.
a.  at   b.  with  c.  about   d.  to


12.  He is fond                      Rover, his dog,  which is faithful                  him.
a.  for,  at   b.  of,  to   c.  to, with   d.  at,  about


13.  When she            her dinner, she sat down to do her homework.
a.  had eaten   b.  has eaten   c.  has been eating  d.  ate.


14.  These handkerchiefs are                        . Don’t mix them up with               
a.  my, her    b. mine, hers    c.  I, she    d.  me, her’s


15.  No, I                    go there by myself.
a.  aren’t   b.  hasn’t  c.  won’t  d.  haven’t


16.  I am not going     this weekend.
a.  somewhere  b.  everywhere   c.  anywhere   d.  Nowhere


17.  Having put on some weight, Rahim is clearly not as                        
as she was in her younger days?
a.  slim   b.  clever   c.  beautiful   d.  tall


18.  The new teacher spoke so softly          we had to ask her to speak louder.
a. and  b. that  c. what  d. who


19.  She shouted            loudly         everyone came running to see what was wrong.
a.  such …that     b.  so ….. that    c.   as….. as     d.   so ….. as


20.  We met   of our friends at the exhibition.
a.  any   b.  a few   c.  a little   d.   much



21.  I will not sing the song              you sing it with me.
a. unless  b.  because  c.  lest  d.  for




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