Sunday, 7 February 2016

1. What is your name? 2. What’s your father? 3. What is your hobby? 4. What’s your favourite subject? 5. What’s game you like to play? 6. How many brothers and sisters do you have? 7. What is the name of your school? 8. What is your aim in life? 9. Say something about your school/ locality. 10. Say something about your parents/ teachers/ relatives. 11. Why do you like to be admitted in a cadet college? 12. Can you sing a song? 13. What qualities do you have to be a cadet? 14. Which district have you come from? 15. Why is your district famous for? 16. Who is your favourite writer? 17. Which book have you read recently? 18. Is there any moral you have learnt? 19. Cadet college life is full of hardship. Will you be able to adjust yourself with the environment? 20. What is transitive verb and intransitive verb? 21. How many kinds of sentences are there? 22. Can you make an imperative sentence? 23. Give an example of interrogative pronoun/adjective. 24. What is phrase? 25. What is infinitive/gerund/participle? 26. What is the meaning of the word patriotism? 27. What is the opposite word of narrow? 28. What is imperative/ optative /exclamatory sentence? 29. Who is the author of ‘Hamlet’? 30. Who is the author of “Sheser kobita”? 31. What will be your reaction if you get chance to be admitted in cadet college?

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