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Term end exam Calss ix English 2nd paper

1. Complete the following passage with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in the correct tenses. Use negatives where necessary. 1 × 5 = 5 imagine save found kill Grow live make When we say, water is essential for our life, we mean clean water. It is true that man can (a) --------- without water. But it is also true that water is the carrier of germs of many fatal diseases. Clean water (b) --------- our life and on the other hand, unclean water (c------- us. We drink water and use water in various ways. Water (d) --------- us fresh after doing hard labour. So, the importance of pure water is easily (e) --------- in our day to day life. Or, Complete the passage with suitable verbs. Give their correct tense. 1 × 5 = 5 People (a) --------- in the neighbouring villages depend on herbal medicine and seldom (b)---------doctors. They (c) ---------Afaz Uddin's medicine to be of better quality than commercially (d) ¾¾ medicine. Afaz Uddin (e) --------- a field of Ghritokanchans on 25 acres of land. 2. Read the following passage and fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. 1 × 5 = 5 There are some people in the society who always criticize others. These people mock at you without considering whether your work is good or bad (a) --------- the society. Should you pay heed (b) --------- them ? You need not be shocked (c) --------- their criticism. Because they are envious (d) --------- you and your good action. So, therefore, a wiseman will not stop his activities finding others criticise him. On the contrary he will learn a lesson (e) ¾¾ their criticism and thereby better his work. 3.. Change the form of speech : 5 "I came here yesterday from my village," Reza said. "Why did you come here?" I asked. "My mother sent me to you with this letter." " How is your mother? I have not seen her for a long time." 4. Read the following passage and transform the underlined sentences as directed. 1 × 5 = 5 Androcles was surprised. (a) He turned back and slowly went to the lion (Simple). (b) The lion showed him no sign of attack (Interrogative). It rather put forward a bleeding paw towards him. (c) Androcles was a kind man (Negative). (d) He could not but feel pity for the lion (Affirmative). (e) Finding a large thorn, he pulled it out (Compound). 5. Add tag questions to the following sentences. 1 × 5 = 5 (a) My father and I are happy, --------? (b) Anwar will certainly do the work, --------? (c) Everybody played well--------? (d) My uncle has not thought about it, --------? (e) It is man who pollutes his environment, --------? Part-B : Composition [60 Marks] 6. Write a paragraph on "Our National Flag" by answering the following questions : 10 (a) What does the national flag symbolise? (b) What is it size? (c) What are its colours? (d) What do the colours indicate? (e) How can we uphold its honour? 7. Write a composition in about 200 words on : 15 (a) Importance of reading newspaper Or, (b) Importance of tree plantation. 8. Suppose, you are Rashida. You need three days leave. You have gone to your Headmistress for leave. Now write a dialogue between you and your Headmistress about it. 10 Or, Write down the summary of the following passage. Give a suitable title to it : Money is what money does. It is the means of leading worldly life. We can lead our life well by earning money. Shortage of money makes our life deplorable and lamentable. We cannot lead our life properly in want of money. Parents, brothers, sisters, wives, friends may neglect one in want of money. One's wife and children may be separated from one another in want of money. It is the symbol of unity. But earning money is not easy for all. Ability as well as capability is required to earn money. Money is also the symbol of fall and downfall. Our peace and prosperity depend on proper utilization of money. Spending money in wrong way can lead us to the path of destruction and downfall. So, we need to be aware of spending money. However, the importance of money in our life cannot be over-stated in the true sense of the term in our practical and pragmatic life. 09. Read the beginning of the following story and complete it in your own way. Give a suitable title to it : 15 Mr. Rahim is a retired officer. Usually he goes for a walk everyday early in the morning. One day while walking in the morning he was a man lying senseless by the side of the road. He went

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Inaugural Speech IGCCSM-2012 - by Principal Date: 11 March,2012 Time: 0700 hours

Respected guest Major Farhad, DAAG, Governing Bodies, Bangladesh Cadet Colleges, distinguished Officers and learned Faculty Members, all the representatives of other colleges, august gathering and my dear cadets- Assalamu Alikum and good morning. In this sunny morning, I welcome you to the inaugural ceremony of 4th Inter Cadet College Sports Meet. We are very proud to have the opportunity to host IGCCSM for the 2nd time. We are delighted to have among us such gallant and brilliant cadets, loving friends and colleagues and all well wishers. I believe our friendship and bond of unity will be strengthened and we shall march forward together to the path of prosperity. Dear Cadets, I know you have taken a lot of pains to prepare yourself for the Meet. It is the time to show your skill, stamina, discipline and leadership qualities. Victory and defeat is the reality of life and it is taught through games and sports. So you have to be accustomed with it and accept victory with magnanimity and defeat with endurance. Competition and cooperation should go parallel here. Our slogan should be ‘Fair play to promote friendship’. Dear guest, You may face some problems and discomfort during the Meet because of the limitation we have but we consider you as our family members and overlook those shortcomings. We shall try our best to make your stay smooth and comfortable. Your cooperation and suggestion in this respect will be highly appreciated. I urge upon all Adjutants, Officers and faculty members to cooperate us to make this Sports Meet a success. I think successful completion of this Meet will enhance overall impression of cadet college family. Now, I do hereby declare the 4th Inter Girls’ Cadet College Games and Sports Meet-2012 Open, Open, Open. Ladies, gentlemen and my dear cadets stay fine, let this week at JGCC be a wonderful part of togetherness in our life. August gathering, thank you very much once again.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Principal's Speech after the Cultural Function Dated: March 2012 Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, Respected/Honorable Chief Guest Major General Md Mahfuzur Rahman, ndc, afwc, psc, Area Commander, Bogra Area & GOC, 11 Infantry Division, Bogra. Distinguished Guests, Learned colleagues and my dear cadets Assalamu Alaikum and Good Evening. At the very beginning of my speech I express my earnest thanks and gratitude to our Chief Guest Major General Md. Mahfuzur Rahman for attending the ceremony. Our Cadets are also very happy to have you among them. The evening has really become an ethereal one for your auspicious presence. Again, I, on behalf of Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College as well as Host College of IGCCSM-2012 warmly welcome you. We come to know that you are an ex-cadet of Jhenidah Cadet College. As an ex-cadet you are an inspiration and icon to cadets of three renowned Girls' Cadet Colleges of Bangladesh. We will always remember your kind presence and the magnificent co-operation of 11 Infantry Division, Bogra Cantonment, Bogra area, Bogra. To grace the occasion and making the evening wonderful to these young learners and future leaders of the nation. Sir, please accept our heartfelt gratitude. Ladies, Gentlemen & Cadets We feel honoured to have Major General Md Mahfuzur Rahman amongst us as our Chief Guest. We are delighted that he has managed to bless us with his warm company in spite of his busy schedule. For this, I express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to him. You have just enjoyed a cultural function arranged in honour of our respected Chief Guest. This cultural function was a humble attempt of our cadets to express their thoughts, feelings and glimpses of their cultural activities. Though the cadets of this college are young in age, they have already proved their worth in different levels. We will deem it a success if the cultural presentation of our cadets has given you any pleasure. Respected Chief Guest, Your generous presence has really filled all our hearts with endless joy and the cadets have been elated with spirit by getting an able and successful officer of Bangladesh Army. Sir, finding an esteemed officer like you, I do believe, my young cadets are immensely inspired and determined to take the perfect path of leadership and honour. Your illuminating presence will give light to our cadets in tracking their desired destination. There is no doubt the future of our nation is resting in the excellence of our youth and our cadets are bearing a very vital role in this pursuit. But they need to come across with the great and iconic personalities like our guest of honour of the day. I would also like to take the privilege to extend my thanks to all invited officers and ladies for gracing this occasion with their glowing presence. August gathering, with utmost gratitude I inform you that our Chief Guest Major General Md. Mahfujur Rahman presented us with a Printing press in his first visit to Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College on the occasion of Annual Athletics Meet-2011. I would like to thank our Chief Guest for presenting us such a valuable & useful thing i.e. Printing press. All Distinguished Guests, I hope our humble efforts to make your moments at Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College that you passed today will mend bridge of mutual understanding, trust and co-operation. I thankfully receive all your constructive guidelines and assistance which will pave our path to greater glories. Thanking our Chief Guest Major Md Mahfuzur Rahman, ndc, afwc, psc, and all other distinguished guests. I would like to conclude here. Thank you and good night. Allah Hafez.

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GOC’s Address at the conclusion of IGCCSM-2012

Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College



Respected Principal, Mr. S M Jamshed Ali, Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College, invited Principals of other Cadet Colleges, reverent officers, learned faculty members and my beloved Cadets assalamu alaikum and good day.

It is really immense pleasure for me to be a part of Inter Cadet College Sports Meet-2012.

I am really delighted to see the skills and stamina shown by three Girls’ Cadet Colleges. Their zeal and enthusiasm has made this place vibrant with life. Their performance proves that they are really groomed up properly to be all round personality.

I believe this a grand occasion which provides the opportunity to the members of cadet colleges to get together. Friendship among the cadets will be established, which will help them in their higher study and working life as well. Here Cadets have got chance to exhibit their competitive attitude, physical stamina, discipline and leadership qualities.

Dear cadets, this age is very changing and challenging. So you have to prepare yourselves to cope up with it. You have to shoulder important responsibilities of the country in future. Games and sports have taught you how to win and how to accept defeat and go forward. It is the symbolical presentation of life. There are ups and downs and we have to .be accustomed with it.

I am very pleased to see the arrangement made by the host college. The college itself is full of natural beauty. Decoration of the field, exciting matches, jubilant and cheerful cadets have made this IGCCSM a memorable event.

I congratulate champion college and runner up college. I also request the third college not to lose heart. I hope in future they will also snatch up the victory. I thank the hosting college for the effort they have made to make the meet a successful one. Thanks to all.