Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Fortnightly Examination
Class IX
English 2nd Paper
Marks: 25
Time: 40 Minutes

  1. Answer to the following questions according to the direction given:
a.                   He is one of the persons who -----------(know/knows) the secret of the ghost house. (right form of verb)
b.                   Please shut the door. (make it interrogative)
c.                   Did he not impress us with his performance? (passive)
d.                  The lion is one of the most ferocious animals in the world. (comparative)
e.                   He said to me, ‘Why did you interrogate the person in that way?’ (indirect speech)
f.                    If I knew his address, ------------------------------- . ( complete the sentence)
g.                   They were not aware ----------- the incident that took place at night.
h.                   Our classmate Salma has got positions in three events and she will be selected as the best player. (simple)
i.                     Rahim along with his five brothers ---------- (have done/ has done) the job. put correct form of verb)
j.                    I do not know why ------------------------. (complete the sentence)

2.         Write a composition on ‘Extracurricular Activities in Cadet Colleges’.                        15


Fortnightly Examination
Class X
English 2nd Paper
Marks: 25
Time: 40 minutes

  1. Complete the following sentences:                                             05
a.                   If it had rained yesterday, we ----------------------.
b.                  No sooner had we started the game -------------------.
c.                   He is one of the persons who ----------------------.
d.                  I do not know ------------------- a tree.
e.                   They had painted the room ________________ came.

  1. Transform the following sentences:                                                        05
a.                   At the time of his arrival, we stood with a bunch of flowers to receive him. (complex)
b.                   Had I the wings of a bird! (assertive)
c.                   Very few persons are as busy as our Captain. (superlative)
d.                  Whenever I visit , I find him absorbed in painting. (simple)
e.                   I shall never forget it.  (affirmative)

3.         Write a composition on ‘A study tour you have recently enjoyed.’ 15 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Learn Clauses through PowerPoint Presentation

Adjective Clause, Adverb Clause and Noun Clause Have been discussed very clearly through Power Point Presentation. Click here.