Thursday, 5 July 2012

How to Write Report

Report writing is in the syllabus of Intermediate class but students feel difficulty in writing report as in the books of writing compositions, the steps of report writing are not clarified properly. Most of the students write news report as a paragraph, but all the newspapers follow similar formate in reporting. The elements of reports are title, lead, analysis/backdrop.
Title is very important for a news story. There are lot many stories in a newspaper and a readers are busy persons having different taste and interest for different topics. Title help them to concentrate their mind to a field. So title should be interesting so that it can hook the readers. Title can give information of the story. Busy readers may get required information and may not read further.
Lead is the gist of the story. It may be the update of the incident. Generally lead gives the answer of the question what, when, where, how.
Backdrop is the story in details. It will narrate the incident in an objective way. Sometimes it includes quotations or paraphrase of an witness to authenticate the story.
Thus a news report has its own formate and students should follow it for securing good marks in the examination.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Improve your vocabulary

Learn English: Word Power 101 




crisp plain
Address Expand Observe Structure curt poetic
Analyze Explain Obtain Suggest denotative
Apply Exploit Offer Summarize political
Argue Express Omit Support detached
Assert Extend Optimize Suspend polysyllabic
Augment Facilitate Organize Sustain divisive 
Broaden Feature Outline Tailor precise
Calculate Forecast Overstate Terminate emotional 
Capitalize Formulate Persist Testify pretentious
Characterize Fracture Point out Theorize esoteric
Claim Generalize Possess Translate provincial
Clarify Group Predict Undermine euphemistic 
Compare Guide Present Understand romantic
Complicate Hamper Probe Unify euphonious 
Confine Hypothesize Produce Utilize scholarly
Connect Identify Promote Validate everyday 
Consider Illuminate Propose Vary sentimental
Construct Illustrate Prove View exact
Contradict Impair Provide Vindicate  shocking
Correct Implement Qualify Yield fanciful 
Create Implicate Quantify sincere
Convince Imply Question academic  flowery 
Critique Improve Realize loaded slang
Declare Include Recommend ambiguous figurative 
Deduce Incorporate Reconstruct lyrical subdued
Defend Indicate Redefine biting  folksy
Demonstrate Induce Reduce melodious  symbolic
Deny Initiate Refer bombastic formal
Describe Inquire Reference monosyllabic  tame
Determine Instigate Refine brusque grandiose 
Differentiate Integrate Reflect nostalgic technical
Disagree Interpret Refute cacophonous  idiomatic
Discard Intervene Regard obscene  trite
Discover Invert Reject casual  inflammatory
Discuss Isolate Relate obscure unifying
Dismiss Justify Rely caustic  inflated 
Distinguish Locate Remove offensive uppity
Duplicate Loosen Repair concrete informal 
Elaborate Maintain Report ordinary vague
Emphasize Manifest Represent colloquial  insincere
Employ Manipulate Resolve ornate vulgar
Enable Measure Retrieve colorful  jargon
Engage Merge Reveal passionate literal
Enhance Minimize Revise common
Establish Modify Separate patriotic Angry 
Evaluate Monitor Shape connotative  sad 
Exacerbate Necessitate Signify pedantic sentimental 
Examine Negate Simulate cultured cloying 
Exclude Nullify Solve picturesque bitter
Sharp condescending  irreverent  peaceful  dreamy
cold  didactic  Happy horrific shocking
fanciful  tired confused  somber Sarcastic
dramatic  Boring apologetic objective patriotic
audacious poignant  pitiful  Allusive  serious
Upset sympathetic  seductive mocking mocking
urgent proud Hollow sarcastic   satiric
complimentary  frivolous  childish candid  Motivational 
provocative  Afraid humorous  nostalgic tactful 
benevolent detached  restrained  Vexed  respectful
Silly contemptuous sweet vibrant humorous
 joking  giddy  Joyful  zealous

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