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Question: Class XII

Pre Test Examination
Class XII
English 2nd Paper
Marks: 100                                                                                                     Time: 3 Hours

Part-A: Grammar; Marks 40

1. Complete the passage with suitable verbs from the list and put them in correct tense. Use negatives where necessary.                                                                                     1X5=5

Few days back, we had a Current Affairs Display Competition ___(a)___ among three Houses. All the houses __(b)______ massive preparation before they ____(c)_____ their performance. If they ___(d)___ more time, they ____(e)____ better show.

2. Read the following passage and fill in the blanks with suitable preposition. 1X5=5
Dear Habla,
I do not know why you do not pay heed (a)what I say. I told you again and again to be cautious ___(b)_ the present situation. Any time any body can be a victim _(c)___ circumstances. You should not be callous __(d)__ what is happening around you. Our country has been infested __(e)__ terrorism and corruption.

3. Use article where necessary. Put a cross mark where and article is not needed.
What _(a)__ surprise it was! He got __(b)___ first prize in __(c)__ competition. I was really ____(d)___ amazed at his success. Ofcourse he was trained by _(e)_____ expert coach for __(f)____ long time. He always obeyed __(g)____ instructions given by _____(h)__ coach. Even he was not found outside  __(i)____ camp during practice session. ___(j)___ boy like him is always appreciated by the people.

4. Make meaningful sentences with the following phrases/idioms (any five): 1X5=5

Die out, look forward to, cope with, take after,  on the verge of, stand on the way, do away with

5. Rewrite the following in the reported speech.                                                             5

“Sir, do you have time in the 5th period to stay with us in the Computer Lab?” said Tamanna, “If any one of the House Tutors does not stay with us, Vice-Principal Madam will not allow us to work in the Lab.” I said, “ In the fifth period I have a class with Class VII, but I will be free in the 6th period.” “Ok, sir, then please stay with us in that period. We shall take permission from Vice-Principal Madam” said Tamanna.

6.  Read the following passage and transform the underlined sentence as directed. 1X5=5

(a)Cadets who take part in co curricular and extra curricular activities develop leadership qualities as they have to work with many persons in a team. (Simple) (b)Those who do not take initiative for this kind of activities refrain themselves from socialization. (Compound)(c) Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities help Cadets develop their creative faculties. (Interrogative)(d) Only bookish knowledge cannot make Cadets all round personalities. (Affirmative)(e) Knowledge acquired from real life can make people worthy for the society. (Passive)

7. Fill in the gaps with tag questions.                                                                              05
a.         I have hardly seen Karim,----------?
b.         Never tell a lie,----------?
c.         None of you can do the some,----------?
d.         He has little idea,------------?
e.         Nobody believes a liar,---------?

8. Complete the following sentence.                                                                              05
a.         No sooner had he reached the school----------------------------.
b.         He is one of the persons who -----------------------------------.
c.         You had better -------------------------------.
d.         It is high time----------------------------.
e.         If you had gone there-------------------------------.

Part-B: Composition; Marks 60

9.         Suppose you are Maria, a student of Class XI of Rajshahi Government Mahila College. The cultural week of your college was observed a few days ago. Now write a report on it.                                                                                                                        10

10.       Write a short composition on “The Uses and Abuses of Satellite Channels”. 15

11.       Write an application to your Principal requesting him to allow your class to join volunteer service for flood affected people.                                                                         10

12. Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your plan of studies after HSC Examination.                                                                                                                 10

13. Complete the following story . Give a title to it.                                                        15
I heard a noise outside my house. I went out and saw a crowd. ---------------.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Question: Class XI Fortnightly English 1st paper

Fortnightly Examination

Fortnightly Examination

Classs XI

Marks -25 Time -40 mnts


Read the passage and answer the questions below:

There have been significant changes in the types of entertainment over time. Many of these no longer exist. Even if they do, people keep looking for newer forms of entertainment. Thus snake charming, puppet shows, jatra, jarigan, sharigan, and kabigan which were common forms of entertainment in the past, have almost lost their appeal. Radio which used to be a a good source of entertainment in the past, is now giving place to television, and to satellite channels in particular. The entertainment business, like other spheres of life, is getting westernised day by day. Folk music or palligeeti is now sung with western intruments. At the same time, modern music is now fusing melodies from folk and traditional songs. In general, band and pop music is becoming more and more popular, particularly among the young generation.

Sports has become a great source of entertainment today. Football, which used to be the most popular spectator sport in Bangladesh, is gradually being replaced bt cricket as popular form of sports entertainment.

 1. Fill in the gaps with suitable words.                                                                      1X5=5

Change is the (a) -------- of the day. Everything (b) ---------- in course of time. What is new today, will grow old tomorrow. In the same way we notice changes in the matter of (c) -------. At present, our people find little (d) ------- in jarigan, sharigan and kabigan. Our melodious and meaningful Bangla songs are yielding place (e) ------- the vociferous pop songs.

 2. Summaries the passage in five sentences.                                                                   05

 3. On the basis of your reading of the passage, make a short note in each of the boxes in the flow chart showing how changes are taking place in the sphere of entertainment.                                                                                                                   1X5=5

 Text Box: Noticeable changes in the forms of entertainments
Text Box:  
Text Box:  
Text Box:  
Text Box:  
Text Box:  







4. Write a paragraph on the ‘ Problems of Education in Bangladesh’.                                     10

Friday, 12 October 2012

Grammar: Multiple Choice Questions

New Page 5

Grammar: Multiple Choice Questions


     Give tick marks on the correct answers:


1.      Which one of the following sentence is correct?
a. I don’t know how many brothers and sisters do you have ?
b. I don’t know how many brothers and sisters you have.
c. I don’t know how many brothers and sister have you?
d. I don’t know how much brothers and sisters does you have?


2.      He is one of the boys                          
a.  who has written the letter.             
b.  who have written the letters
c.  who is the written the letter          
d.  who is being written the letters.


3.      ________you remember to lock the door?
a. Didn’t  b. Aren’t  c.  Haven’t  d.  Doesn’t


4.      Let                      introduce        to                    .
a. my, your, his  b.  me, you, him  c. myself, yourself, himself  d.  mine, yours, he


5.      Have you found              missing pen yet?
a.  your   b.  you  c. yours   d.  your’s 

6.      “Come on, walk faster,” urged my friend, “you are                 a tortoise.”
a. so slow  b.  as slow as  c. more slow  d.  most slow


7.      The film was more enjoyable               we had expected  b.  than  c. since  d. after


8.      ______they told me is utter nonsense.
a.When  b.  How  c.  What  d.  Where


9.      I will not be able to find her                 you come with me.
a. unless  b.  so that  c.  still  d.  put


10.  His dream is                   an aero plane.
a. fly  b.  to fly  c.  flew  d.  to be flown


11.  Those who are cruel                  animals should be fined.
a.  at   b.  with  c.  about   d.  to


12.  He is fond                      Rover, his dog,  which is faithful                  him.
a.  for,  at   b.  of,  to   c.  to, with   d.  at,  about


13.  When she            her dinner, she sat down to do her homework.
a.  had eaten   b.  has eaten   c.  has been eating  d.  ate.


14.  These handkerchiefs are                        . Don’t mix them up with               
a.  my, her    b. mine, hers    c.  I, she    d.  me, her’s


15.  No, I                    go there by myself.
a.  aren’t   b.  hasn’t  c.  won’t  d.  haven’t


16.  I am not going     this weekend.
a.  somewhere  b.  everywhere   c.  anywhere   d.  Nowhere


17.  Having put on some weight, Rahim is clearly not as                        
as she was in her younger days?
a.  slim   b.  clever   c.  beautiful   d.  tall


18.  The new teacher spoke so softly          we had to ask her to speak louder.
a. and  b. that  c. what  d. who


19.  She shouted            loudly         everyone came running to see what was wrong.
a.  such …that     b.  so ….. that    c.   as….. as     d.   so ….. as


20.  We met   of our friends at the exhibition.
a.  any   b.  a few   c.  a little   d.   much



21.  I will not sing the song              you sing it with me.
a. unless  b.  because  c.  lest  d.  for



Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lustre, a little magazine of JGCC

To read the little magazine Lustre published from Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College, please click here

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Question: Right Forms of Verbs

1)                 It is high time we ________ our young generation for employment.
a)      should train up
b)     trained up
c)     train up
2)                 If you _________ early, you would meet your friend.
a)      come
b)     had come
c)     came
3)                 He is one of the persons who ________ how to struggle in life.
a)      knows
b)     know
c)     has known
4)                 I wish I ________ the wings of a bird.
a)      have
b)     should have
c)     had
5)                 I look forward to ___________ from you.
a)      hear
b)     hearing
c)     have heard
6)                 Why are you late? You __________ your assignment earlier.
a)      could submit
b)     could have submitted
c)     have submitted
7)                  I will have finished my cooking when he ______.
a)      will come
b)     comes
c)     would come.
8)                 The road is wet. It ______.
a)      may rain
b)     might rain
c)     might have rained
9)                 You could have earned a lot if you _______ hard working.
a)      were
b)     had been
c)     would be
10)            They _______ tend before we reached there,
a)      had set
b)     had sat
c)     set
Md.Rafiqul Islam
Asstt. Professor of  English
Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College, Joypurhat 
Mobile no- 01711-013879

Monday, 8 October 2012

Right form of verbs

a. He ______ already (finish) writing by the time he came.
b. He ______already (finish) writing by the time he comes.
c. He _______ (go) there before we come.
d. I ________ not (go) as long as he stays there.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Grammar:Tag questions

Put tag questions in the gap.
a. Somebody broke the chair, _________?
b. I am the first man to do it, ________?
c. Don't run in the sun, __________?
d. Nobody came here, _________?
e. He seldom comes here,______?

Question:Right form of verbs

Fill in the gap with right form of verbs:
a. When I went to his house, he______ (read) a book.
b. This is the 2nd time _______ I (ask) you the question.
c. This is high time__________ we (take) regular exercise.
d. Many years _________ (pass) since I saw him.
e. I _______ (visit) him several times this weak.